Can CRM Help You Improve Your Content Marketing?

When it comes to CRM solutions, we’re like little kids reciting our favourite poem by heart. Ask anyone, and they’ll sing you the same verse – customer relationship management tools are essential for everything from lead management to successful customer support. As such, the poem goes on, they help businesses large and small build long-lasting relationships throughout the customer journey.

But, isn’t that journey a little longer and complex than we usually describe it as?

Isn’t effective marketing just as crucial for our end goals as sales and help desks are?

Sure, state-of-the-art CRM solutions offer features for marketing automation, but they are mostly oriented towards email campaigns. What about content, the single most beneficial element of any advertising strategy? Can customer relationship management systems help us improve that as well?

The answer is a resounding yes. Here’s how.

Content That Converts Anytime, Anywhere

“Stellar content” is another piece of business poetry that we’re all familiar with. In order to attract, convert, and retain, content must be engaging and unique, evergreen and valuable, helpful and fact-dense. If it can be entertaining too, even better.

Wherever you look, these are the ingredients for success.

But what makes a content marketing strategy effective, apart from these content-specific characteristics?

Regardless of its quality, “stellar content” might fail to deliver if it’s not distributed at a certain frequency, at recommended times of a day, or across communication channels that a specific target audience uses the most.

Try as you might to follow the rules, the success of your content marketing strategy still depends on your customers. Are they going to like it? Are they going to see it at all? Will they stick with your blog article long enough to arrive at the CTA and eventually click the button?

How can you know their needs, wants, preferences, and pain points?

Customer Profiles at the Palm of Your Hand

The answer is, of course, a comprehensive CRM database.

Every customer relationship management software is a pool of invaluable information concerning both your prospects’ and regulars’ behaviour. Even with basic systems and tools, you have the ability to take notes, view email history, and track interactions at each stage of the customer journey.

Now imagine what state-of-the-art features could allow you to do. A simple 360-degree customer view capability can let you know what your prospect’s hesitations are, which pain points you’ve successfully solved, and how come that hot lead has turned cold despite your best efforts.

When to that you add an opportunity to see where they spend their time in the online sphere, to whom they turn to when you don’t deliver upon their expectations, and what’s keeping them up at 3 in the morning, then you’ve got yourself a set of fool-proof guidelines for creating and distributing your content.

In-Built Marketing Campaign Management

Apart from lead management and 360-degree customer view, the best CRM solutions offer additional features for marketing campaign management as well. Bpm’online is one of those, for instance, bolstering both an intuitive campaign designer and multichannel tools to help you reach your customers wherever they are. For more information on what bpm’online can do, check this page.

Real-Time Monitoring and Comprehensive Metrics

In order to see what’s really going on with your content marketing campaign, you can take two different approaches. By keeping the dialogue open, you can reach out to your customers and ask them for feedback. Traces of it are already stored within your CRM database, so dive deeper in.

Alternatively, you can evaluate your marketing efficiency by using your CRM’s analytical tools. Monitor the campaign’s performance in real time, receive lead generation and conversion rate reports, and gain deeper insight into what’s working and what needs to be improved.

A basic CRM software with nothing but a customer database might not be able to boost your content marketing campaign, but state-of-the-art solutions certainly can. Talk to your provider about the marketing tools the system includes, and choose only the best and most feature-rich on the market.

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